Eternal Roses

These are real roses that have been preserved. Preserving a rose is a form of drying – but much more intricate! Once a rose is preserved, the result is completely different as the rose maintains a completely natural appearance and feel – just as if were just freshly-cut!

During the preservation process, the roses undergo a rehydration process and then are placed in a secret natural eco-friendly mixture which is gradually absorbed by the rose until it completely substitutes the sap. Once the process is complete, you have this beautiful rose with a completely natural appearance and feel

The best part is, this unique preservation process works for 1 year to upto 3 years (with proper care).

How to properly care for your roses;

Do NOT water your Eternal Roses. They’ve been preserved and do not require any water. Watering will interfere with the preservatives leading it welt and die.

Keep out of reach from children. These flowers have been preserved in a chemical to make them last long. The chemical is NOT safe for consumption.

Do NOT keep them in direct sunlight. By leaving them in direct sunlight, the roses will begin to lose their colour over time.

Keep your Eternal Roses at room temperature. The ideal room should be 30-65% humidity/room temperature. If the room they are in is too dry/hot, the rose petals will begin to dry out and slowly fall apart over time.

Handle with Care. Do remember that these are real flowers and are fragile. It isn’t recommended to shaking the box or constantly touching the petals. You can lightly dust them if they become dusty over time. 

Keep them in their box. The flowers are sold in an acrylic box because it contributes to how they last.